Ongoing long-term project of the ZOO Tábor research team is research in the longevity of European bison. Aim of the project is to find the molecular-genetic background of longevity. Obtained data could be valuable not only for the scientists but also for current  reintroduction and conservation programs related to European bison and its reintroduction back into European wilderness.

Genus Bison Has the Biggest Sex-Related Difference in Longevity among Mammals

(published: January 23rd, 2019, Approaches in Poultry, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences)

Published study related to Bison sp. longevity shows that there is a substantial difference between both sexes in median lifespan of American and European bison. According to the obtained results, females of both Bison species have more than two times higher median lifespan in comparison with males. Substantial difference is caused by much higher mortality of young male individuals in both Bison species. We have also indicate that there is no difference in the longevity between lowland and lowland-Caucassian line of European bison, therefore both lines seems to have the same viability. This study is very important for the design of our further longevity-related research performed on the molecular-genetic level.

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