ZOO Tábor Returns European Bison to the Nature

European bison was hunted to extinction in the Bohemian wild centuries ago.

ZOO Tábor is now striving to return the European bison into the Czech nature.

The ZOO Tábor established a breeding herd of European bison of the lowland line in 2016. In May 2016, two female bison, Usjana and Uselina, were transferred to a new enclosure from Usedom Island, which lies on the border between Germany and Poland. Two other females, Norisa
and Norma from the Nuremberg Zoo, joined them shortly afterwards. After a few months (in November 2016), they were joined by the male bison Poczekaj
from a private farm in Niepołomice, Poland. November 2017 brought the first success and a male named Tábor was born. In May 2020, he was moved to a nature reserve near Rokycany in the Pilsen region as the founder of a new herd. In June 2018, the female Tara was born and together with the female Norisa they were transferred to the reserve of large ungulates near Milovice in the Nymburk region in April 2021.

The next births did not take long and in May 2019 a male Taran
and a female Taura were born. The female Taura expanded the herd at the Poznan Zoo in Poland, where she was transferred in May 2021. And the transfer of the male Taran to the French reserve in Sainte-Eulalie is planned for the near future.

In October and November 2020, other calves Tatranka and Tajfun were born. A year later (in December 2021), they were joined by a female Tamara and in January 2022 by a male Tarzan. At the end of June 2022 Táňa was born and in November 2022 Táborka was born. As of today, a total of ten European bison have been born at the ZOO Tábor.

The female Karla, which belongs to the lowland Caucasian line, arrived in December 2015 from the Hodonín Zoo to the ZOO Tábor, which was the original home of Karla’s parents. In June 2021, Karla was transferred to the Őrségi Nemzeti Park in Hungary, where she enriched the herd. ZOO Tábor has already released a total of 4 European bison into European reserves and zoos and another bison Taran will soon join them.

European bison Poczekaj and his journey to ZOO Tábor

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